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Hunting Safaris with Africa Hunt Lodge

We recommend a 7 to 10 day Safari in order to hunt for big trophies, 5-10 animals. Some days, you will find 2-3 trophy caliber species you are after, but typically, you will have the opportunity to take 1-2 species per day depending on the hunt style, from a blind over a water hole, Safari Style, bow hunt vs rifle. 

  • You will hunt multiple concessions located from 5 to 30 minutes from our lodge. Some concessions are 35,000 acres in the mountains, others 20,000 acres, while the largest is over 200,000 acres, very large for South Africa. 

  • The Trophy Kudu is probably one of the more elusive species we hunt and you will probably be hunting for him every day while hunting other species on your wish list. We don't hunt for Kudu under 50", and some days you'll have opportunity for Kudu in excess of 57-58". The largest we've taken is 61" at the concession where our lodge is located.

  • The most common species on a Limpopo South Africa Safari include: Kudu, Impala, Blue Wildebeest, Blesbok, Warthog, Gemsbok, Nyala, Waterbuck, Sable, Eland, Red Hartebeest, Giraffe, Bushbuck, African Porcupine, Golden Wildebeest, etc...

  • When we hunt Lion, Leopard, Hippo, Rhino, Black Wildebeest, Springbok, and Jackal, we will sometimes drive approximately 2 hours and stay at a sister lodge during the hunt. Those species will take 2-3 days, then we return and hunt the remaining plains game back at our regular lodge near Thabazimbi, Limpopo. 

When to Hunt in Africa
Though we can hunt anytime of the year, our busy hunting season is every day from early March through early October. This is the Fall and Winter months for our region. This is after the rainy season, when animals are coming in regularly to water and feed areas. Temperatures range from 32 to 80 degrees, but average days are 42 to 75 degrees. 

  • Your day begins at 6:30 with a big breakfast, then off to hunting around 7:30. We hunt until lunch, take an hour break or so, then return and hunt until Sundown. After the hunt, return to the lodge, shower, sit by the fire under the African Sky, have a huge Exquisite African Dinner and cocktails. 

Your Flight day into Africa will not count as a hunting day...if you arrive on a Sunday, you will hunt Monday as your first day. Your departure day also does not count as a hunting day. 

The best flights from the United States are on Delta and direct from Atlanta to Johannesburg, 15 hours, arrive the next day at 5:00pm. Same goes for United via Newark.

Departure flights on Delta and United leave around 9:30pm, and get you back into the United States the following early morning. This Flight price averages $2200 Coach Round Trip or 175,000 miles. Business class averages $7500 or 600,000 miles. 

  • A cheaper Flight alternative includes going through Europe or Dubai. This flight is about 30 hours total, and can be taken with United, American Airlines, Qatar in conjunction with British Airways and Lufthansa...expect to pay from $1400 to $1900 for this flight if booked 6 months in advance. 

Your Trophies 
We will skin, flesh, and salt your capes on the lodge. We can score your trophies SCI or Trophy Game Records of the World at your request at that time. We will then have a taxidermist/expeditor come to pick up your trophies at the lodge, and prepare for Dip/Ship back to the US to your taxidermist. We also have excellent taxidermist in the area whom can do your full work, crate and ship your trophies back to the US or alternate country. Typical charges for Dip and Ship are $200 per trophy (many are only $100), then $1000 per large crate (5-10 animals) to ship back to your home country.