Sable & Cape Buffalo Package

A Heart pounding Safari for sure
Sable and Cape Buffalo Package

Hunting the Cape buffalo and sable antelope in Africa is a thrilling and challenging experience, sought after by many adventurous hunters. The Cape buffalo, also known as the African buffalo, is known for its formidable size, strength, and unpredictable nature, making it one of the most dangerous game animals to hunt. Their large, sweeping horns and tough hide add to the challenge, requiring precise shot placement to ensure a clean and ethical kill.

On the other hand, the sable antelope is known for its striking appearance, with majestic curved horns and a sleek, black coat. Known for their elusive behavior and exceptional senses, hunting sable requires patience, skill, and careful stalking in most cases. Their habitat often includes dense brush and savannah grasslands, providing a challenging environment for hunters to navigate.

Both the Cape buffalo and Sable antelope are iconic species of Africa, representing the wild and untamed nature of South Africa.

All Inclusive Hunting Package for (2) Two of Africa's Premier Trophies, the Cape Buffalo and Sable Antelope.  This Package includes the following: 

7 Days / 8 Nights Hunting for one Hunter

  • Trophy Fees for a Trophy Sable and Trophy Cape Buffalo Bull (Pricing for over/under 40")

  • Daily Rate, Professional Hunter, License, Meals, Accommodations, Drinks, Care of Trophies

  • Transportation from Johannesburg Airport (currently there is a $250 fuel surcharge due to inflation)

    The price of this hunt is per person.  You have the option of hunting Trophy Sable Antelope and Cape Buffalo Bulls which will be just under 40" (in the 36-39" Range typically), or Sable and Buffalo which will be 40" Plus.  

    The horn measurements on the Sable will be the average of each horn length measured SCI method.  The Cape Buffalo measurement (Under/Over 40") is the total width of the Cape Buffalo Bull's horns in inches.  

    The methods of hunting that we employ include Safari Style Hunting from High Rack Trucks, Spot and Stalk Hunting, and Still hunting from Blinds located above water holes. We can accommodate Rifle Hunting, Bow Hunting, Crossbow, Black Powder, and Handgun African Safaris. We can accommodate hunters of any age and experience level. We love to have 1st time hunters join us...we take great pride in helping to educate children and beginner hunters about the responsibilities of hunting. 

About this Hunt Package...

Sable and Buffalo Under 40": $15,900

Sable and Buffalo 40" Plus:$19,900

  • Includes Guide Fees, License, Meals, Accommodations, Drinks, Care of Trophies for 7 Days / 8 Nights

  • Days may be added for $295 per hunter, per day and Additional game may be taken at listed trophy fees.

  • Ground transportation to/from Johannesburg Tambo Airport is $250.

2021 Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt
2021 Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt
May 2022 Pending World Record Sable Hunt
May 2022 Pending World Record Sable Hunt
July 2022 Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt
July 2022 Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt
July 2022 Trophy Sable Hunt
July 2022 Trophy Sable Hunt
July 2022 Trophy Sable Hunt
July 2022 Trophy Sable Hunt
April 2023 Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt
April 2023 Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt
April 2023 Trophy Sable Hunt
April 2023 Trophy Sable Hunt
April 2023 Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt
April 2023 Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt
April 2023 Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt
April 2023 Trophy Cape Buffalo Hunt

Focus on Hunting, Not Just Logistics

We create amazing hunting experiences, with key services included in our fee.

The Hunting product that we offer to our clients is the best in the world. We specialize in Trophy Animals, including many World Record class African Game including Kudu, Cape Buffalo, Sable, Blesbok, Wildebeest, the Big 5 and much more. 

We plan the hunt to suit the requirements of our clients, with a large variety of game that is available. Our trophy hunting rates include professional hunter services, care of trophies and delivery to taxidermy, transfers from Johannesburg International Airport, as well as a memorable stay in one of our 4 or 5 Star South African Hunting lodges. Non-hunting guests are welcome to accompany the Hunters. 

Included with Package

  • Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

  • 1st Class Accommodations on our South African Concession

  • Guided and Licensed Professional Hunter for your Hunt

  • Services of Trackers, Drivers and Skinners

  • Hunting License and Permits

  • Beer, Wine, Non-Alcoholic Drinks

  • Daily maid and laundry services

  • Care of your trophies to include Capping and transportation to Taxidermist for Export

Package Options

  • Additional Hunting for other Game Animals

  • Extra Nights at the Hunt Lodge with Family and Guests

  • Fishing and Bird Hunting

  • Trips to Pilanesberg and Marakele National Parks for Photo Safaris

  • Pick up/Drop off from Johannesburg (Tambo) Airport $250

  • Additional Safari Excursions in our Area

  • Visits to Local Orphanage

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