Taxidermists in South Africa

We know clients have many taxidermy options for their post Hunting safari in Africa. Africa Hunt Lodge only advises of the options when it comes to Taxidermy. We can assist our clients with shipment of their salted skins, pre-tanned hides, boiled skulls, and back skins back home to their preferred taxidermy studio, as well as line up their taxidermy work either in South Africa or the United States.

For Dip and Ship services, we typically use a company called Swift Dip for this service. They are located near Africa Hunt Lodge and have been a trusted partner of ours for over 15 years. They will organize the dipping process, tan hides and skins for our clients, crate them all up professionally, and then coordinate with a shipping company to send back to the client's country.

Swift Dip Website

For those clients whom want to use a South African Taxidermist, we recommend Bullseye Taxidermy. Bullseye is a family owned business whom specialize in African Game, and located near Africa Hunt Lodge as well. They offer just about anything to their clients from Life-size Lion mounts, Rifle Bags using the clients backsides, Giraffe leg tables, Zebra and Cape buffalo bookends, ashtrays, taxidermy pedestals and so much more. View the .PDF Pricing below for their taxidermy rates.

Bullseye Taxidermy Website

We also can arrange for clients to use our preferred Taxidermy Studio in the state of Texas, Wildlife Market Taxidermy. Typically, our clients will use their services in coordination with Swift Dip. WLM Taxidermy will receive your skins, either salted or pre-tanned (if clients request & we recommend), skulls, horns, tanned hides, etc, and then they will contact our clients to coordinate the mounting of their trophies.

Wildlife Market Taxidermy Website