Great Start to 2024

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Great Start to the 2024 Hunting Season at Africa Hunt Lodge

As the new season begins, April has been a very busy month at Africa Hunt Lodge. We've had 5 groups of Hunters already this month, and everyone has had a fantastic time thus far at the renowned Africa Hunt Lodge, a paradise for hunting enthusiasts nestled in the stunning landscapes of South Africa.

Located in the Limpopo Province, Africa Hunt Lodge offers a luxurious yet authentic safari experience. From the moment our clients have arrived, they all have been captivated by the lodge's charm and the warm hospitality of our staff.

The days have been filled with exhilarating hunts, guided by our experienced professional hunters who know the bush like the backs of their hands. We've taken some great trophies this week from a 38" Eland Bull, 45-46" Sable Bulls, to 29" Trophy Nyala.

The adventures haven't been just about hunting...our clients have had been able to immerse themselves in the rich culture and traditions of South Africa. We've donated game meat to a Church in Thabazimbi as well as local families in the area this week. We've made mince and sausage with our clients in our meat processing rooms. And our clients have taken photo safaris to Marakele National Park as well as visited the elephants at Encounter with Elephants in Bela Bela.

If you're a hunting enthusiast looking for the ultimate adventure, look no further than the Africa Hunt Lodge. It's not just a place; it's an experience like no other.

45 inch Sable Bull Hunt - April 2024

Nyala Bow Hunt April 2024

Red Hartebeest Hunt April 2024

41" Archery Cape Buffalo Hunt April 2024

Golden Wildebeest Hunt Africa Hunt Lodge